3 Home Remedies for TMJ Relief

How to Get TMJ Relief at Home

For those suffering from Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) pain, finding TMJ relief is something that is constantly on the brain. You may already be consulting with your dentist to lessen the pain caused by TMJ, but did you know, there are some home remedies you can utilize to further relieve pain? Try these three at-home treatments to aid your TMJ relief.

  • TMJ-Friendly Diet

One of the keys to easing TMJ pain is to avoid overworking your jaw in the first place. An easy way to do this is to eat softer, easy to chew foods. Focus on incorporating foods like smoothies, tofu, and soup into your diet.

Cooked vegetables, rice, and beans are also great at aiding TMJ relief. What it comes down to is avoiding crunchy, chewy, sticky foods as much as possible. Most foods can be enjoyed, so long as they are prepared in a way that allows for minimal stress on the jaw.

  • Facial Massage

A focus on the masseter muscle is how facial massage can really help with TMJ relief. Start at the corner of your mouth, where your jaw meets your cheekbone, and move back towards your ear in a kneading motion. Using small, circular passes along this line should help ease tension and relief TMJ pain.

  • Medication for TMJ Relief

One of the more obvious means of encouraging TMJ relief is utilizing over the counter pain relievers. While you may be working with your dentist in the Salinas, CA area to find a more permanent solution to TMJ pain, this is something that can help in the interim. Non prescription pain medications should be used only as needed and as directed. It’s always a good idea to speak with your dentist if you’re concerned about how to properly incorporate this treatment.

Treat TMJ Pain at NEXTdentistry

If you have questions about how to best achieve TMJ relief at home, or you think it’s time to get professional help, contact your friendly Salinas, CA dental team at NEXT Dentistry for an appointment today.

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