Minimal Office Visits

Proven Treatment

NEXT Dentistry uses highly specialized equipment which allows us to determine the extent of existing damage to your Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ), then find and verify the proper alignment of your jaw muscles and joint.

Once the optimal position of your lower jaw to your upper jaw is determined, a fixed biting surface or jaw aligning appliance is placed as the chewing surface of your lower teeth and worn fulltime for approximately three months. During this phase of treatment computerized assessment of jaw alignment and minor adjustments will be made.

We have minimized the number of visits required to treat your TMD, while maximizing your results:

Your first phase of treatment will be for diagnosis and alignment, requiring three appointments in our office during your one-week visit. During these partial-day visits there will be no need for anesthetic or invasive procedures, so you’ll have plenty of time and energy to explore the beautiful Carmel-Monterey Bay Area. By the end of that week, you will be ready to return home in an aligned position, and the healing process will already have begun.

Your second trip to our area will be approximately six weeks after the first, requiring one visit to our office where we will evaluate your jaw alignment and healing process, and make any minor adjustments that are needed. At this point we will likely review your options for a permanent solution. Occasionally, a third trip to our area is necessary six weeks later to ensure complete jaw alignment and satisfaction prior to beginning your permanent TMJ solution phase.

Your permanent solution phase will usually require two one-week visits to our area spaced approximately four weeks apart. During this period of treatment we will ensure that your teeth and jaws function in their properly aligned position for the rest of your life.

Dr. Hemingway’s solution for people who suffer from TMD is an advanced method that addresses the source of pain—not just the symptoms. His precise approach utilizes state-of-the-art technology, analysis, and progressive treatment to create a proven, permanent solution. With this proven method, 96% of our patients have experienced complete relief from their TMD symptoms and we are so sure of our results that we offer a money back guarantee:

Eliminate your TMJ pain and suffering to your satisfaction within 90 days of treatment, or will discontinue that treatment, and give your money back.*

*Money back guarantee is for cost of actual TMJ treatment only.