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Dental Bonding vs. Veneers – Which is Right for You?

Torn Between Dental Bonding and Porcelain Veneers? Learn Which One is the Best Fit For You    When it comes to getting that picture-perfect smile, dental bonding and porcelain veneers seem to be the top choices for many. Among various other factors, this is due to their appearance, sheen, and upkeep.  But it gets interesting [...]

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How Exactly Do Porcelain Veneers Work?

Everyone wants to look great, especially those located in Salinas, CA who may have Hollywood dreams. You can’t blame those who feel that way either, since looking our best is something that instills self-confidence in all of us; if we’re looking good, then we’re feeling good! [maxbutton id="9" ] Great teeth are a part of [...]

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Success Story – Juana Martinez

I have been a patient of Dr. Hemingway's for over 20 years. We had often talked about closing the spaces between my teeth. Dr. Hemingway was worried that if we just closed spaces the teeth would look short and fat. A few years ago, Dr. Hemingway began taking extensive training in cosmetic dentistry. He was [...]

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Success Story – Becki Krow

In order to fix these worn and decayed teeth for Bekki, here's what we did: corrected her bite (using computers we find the optimal bite size and adjust the teeth to match it), lengthened teeth, closed gaps, porcelain veneers done with Empress™ Ceramic Restorations.

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Success Story – Aimee Franklin

Using computers and advanced neuromuscular technology the proper jaw alignment was established which stopped the popping in her jaw joints and eliminated the headaches. Aimee received a cosmetic gum lift to correct the slant of her smile and then the teeth were restored with Empress all porcelain restorations to the proper length and contour. She [...]

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Success Story – Traci Alcaraz

Traci was tired of the discoloration and appearance of her smile. She had worn braces at a young age but teeth were shifting and wearing unevenly and discoloring. She received the beautiful smile she was dreaming of through the placement of 8 porcelain ceramic veneers on her front teeth.  

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Success Story – Sandy Storm

When Sandy saw the amazing transformation that her daughter-in-law Lisa had done to correct the tetracycline staining of her teeth, she wanted to have a beautiful smile too. The length, alignment and color of Sandy's teeth were corrected with porcelain ceramic veneers.  

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Success Story – Rosa Lopez

Rosa suffered from TMJ disorder for over 20 years and had worn her teeth down so that they appeared short and fat as the wear caused them to be out of proportion. She wanted a beautiful smile but first she had to have her TMJ issues resolved. She received Neuromuscular Treatment for her TMJ and [...]

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