10 Reasons You Should Consider Cosmetic Dentistry

The staff at NEXT Dentistry works to improve smiles with cosmetic dentistry in Salinas, CA using teeth whitening, porcelain veneers, and other cosmetic dentistry techniques for over a decade. Everyone has some aspect of their smile they’d like to improve, since it’s one of the first things that others notice about you. Consider these 10 reasons for using cosmetic dentistry at NEXT Dentistry to enhance your smile.


  1. Renewed Self Esteem
    Improving your appearance is an easy way to help boost your confidence. Many cosmetic dentistry procedures in Salinas, CA can dramatically boost your smile and self esteem.
  2. Career Advancement
    Along with a little ego boost can come improvements in the workplace. Appearance can be a big factor when on a job search or going up for a promotion.
  3. Financial Relief
    While cosmetic dentistry is viewed as being a pricy endeavor, it is a savings in the long run to invest in a one-time or infrequently needed procedure as opposed to continually paying. Aside from this potential long term savings, NEXT Dentistry offers the Salinas area many cost saving options to make procedures affordable.

  4. Improve Bite
    An improper bite can cause many health issues including headache, insomnia, dizziness, ear aches, and more. Cosmetic dentistry is the surest way to correct a bad bite and relieve these issues.
  5. Improved Speech
    Missing teeth and excessive gaps can make speech difficult. Cosmetic dentistry, especially porcelain veneers, can be an easy fix for these maladies that can help get your diction back on track.
  6. Relieve Pain
    Cosmetic Dentistry in Salinas, CA Bite correction can relieve tooth or headache pain by relieving pressure on gums and nerves.
  7. Promotes Oral Hygiene
    Once the team at NEXT Dentistry helps brighten your smile, you’ll want to do your best to keep your smile looking healthy and beautiful.

  8. Improve Appetite
    Decaying, cracked, or missing teeth can make it difficult to eat. Repairing these issues is an easy way to make eating enjoyable again.
  9. Appear Younger
    Yellowing and decaying is a sign of aging in teeth. Improving your teeth’s appearance with veneers or teeth whitening is a simple fix that can instantly add a look of youth to your smile.

  10. Reduce Risk of Periodontal Disease
    Eliminating chips and damage to teeth, reduces risk of decay and gum disease. NEXT Dentistry has a passion for using cosmetic dentistry to help the Salinas, CA area improve their smiles and improve dental health. Come see what we can do to help give you your best smile yet.
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