Dental Technology

As a winner of the national award for “Best Integration of Technology into a Dental Office,” you know NEXT Dentistry offers the most up-to-date equipment. At our Salinas dental office, we use i-CAT® computerized tomography (CT scans) to accurately diagnose implant placement and TMJ joint disorders, as well as for other procedures. We specialize in CAD/CAM computerized one-visit crown restorations, computer-assisted TMJ treatment to determine proper jaw alignment, oral cancer screening with the VELscope® Direct Tissue Fluorescence Visualization (as seen on Dr. Oz), intraoral cameras, and computerized digital X-rays which greatly reduce X-ray radiation.

Same-Day Crowns

With state-of-the-art CAD/CAM technology, our experienced dentist can make full crowns, as well as inlays and onlays (partial crowns), in a single visit to NEXT Dentistry. CAD/CAM technology eliminates temporary crowns, second appointments, and additional injections and treatment. Single-visit ceramic CAD/CAD crowns are less sensitive and 10% stronger than natural teeth. Thanks to CAD/CAM technology, having a crown created and placed is just as easy as having a regular filling.  Dr. Hemingway began providing CEREC restorations in 1996 and has continued to update with the latest CAD/CAM technology as it has advanced.  Today Dr. Hemingway is able to provide Same-Day crowns, inlays and onlays that meet and even exceed the highest standards.

Cosmetic Smile Imaging

Let us show you how much confidence a new smile can give you! Before our Salinas, California dentist begins your treatment, you can see a vivid representation of your new smile with cosmetic imaging. With advanced imaging software, we create a digital representation of your new, beautiful smile based on a digital photograph of your existing smile. Cosmetic smile imaging will show you what your smile can look like after your teeth are straightened or whitened, after a missing tooth is replaced, or after a chip in your tooth has been repaired.

DIAGNOdent Laser

DIDAGNOdentWith the DIAGNOdent laser, cavities can be detected with greater precision and clarity. In the past, small cavities would have been undetectable until they had caused considerable damage. The DIAGNOdent system works by processing the reflection of light wavelengths, which are beamed back to a small handheld device that identifies where cavities may be hiding. Your talented Salinas dentist can use the DIAGNOdent laser to detect tiny cavities without using X-rays. Contact us at NEXT Dentistry today to learn more about the DIAGNOdent laser and our other technological tools.

Digital X-Rays

Digital X-rays are an advanced, modern technological tool our dentist at NEXT Dentistry use to provide you with more accurate and efficient dental care. With digital radiography, Dr. Delwin Hemingway can detect and diagnose numerous dental problems, such as tooth decay, infection, bone loss, developmental abnormalities, cysts, and more. Digital X-rays provide our dentist with instant, expandable images for immediate, detailed review. Another benefit of digital X-rays is that digital radiography uses significantly less radiation than traditional film X-rays.  We welcome you to contact our friendly dental team at our office in Salinas, California to learn more about how digital X-rays can improve your dental experience.


Delwin Hemingway is the first comprehensive dentist in Monterey County to offer cone beam computerized tomography, commonly referred to as i-CAT®. This technology allows them to take one scan of the head and neck, which is computer-enhanced similar to a CAT scan, to see all of the structures of the head and neck in three-dimensional, minute detail. i-CAT technology allows our dentist to accurately plan TMD treatment, dental implant placement, orthodontics, and more. If you are experiencing symptoms of TMD or considering dental implants or braces, please visit NEXT Dentistry soon. Using the latest i-CAT technology and their extensive training, our dentist can thoroughly diagnose and treat your problems.

Intraoral Camera

When we tell you a filling is cracked, you have a cavity in a tooth, or a tooth needs to be restored, you might want to know more about this diagnosis. With the intraoral camera, you can see exactly what our dentist sees. The image is projected on a computer screen and magnified up to 400%. Each of our eight treatment rooms in our Salinas, California dental office is equipped with its own integrated intraoral camera for your convenience. See what we see, and feel more confident with our recommendations and your decision. We can print a copy for you to take home to help everyone concerned understand the value of the proposed treatment.


At NEXT Dentistry, our dentist and dental team strive to stay abreast of the latest in dental technology. We utilize lasers to treat periodontal disease (gum disease); your treatment can be painless, comfortable, and efficient, thanks to dental lasers! Dr. Hemingway can also use lasers to contour gum tissue to achieve your cosmetic goals. With lasers, there is no pain, no noise, and no worries!

TENS – Transcutaneous Electro-Neural Stimulation

TENS (transcutaneous electro-neural stimulation) involves using an ultra low-frequency, painless “massage” to relax chronically tense jaw and facial muscles. Only as these muscles become truly relaxed can a physiologically neutral jaw position be determined. In many patients, our dentist finds that the way teeth currently meet may not be a position of relaxation for these muscles. Dr. Delwin Hemingway can help you find the correct position for your jaw that helps your muscles relax to relieve tension and pain. We invite you to call our dental office in Salinas, California today to schedule your consultation and discover how NEXT Dentistry can change your life for the better.

The Wand®

At NEXT Dentistry, your comfort is our highest priority. The Wand® is a special handpiece that makes dental injections more comfortable and effective than ever before. The unique, pen-shaped design of The Wand gives your dentists, Dr. Delwin Hemingway unparalleled control, resulting in more accurate injections that speed up the onset of medication. To learn more about how we use The Wand to enhance your experience at our Salinas, California dental office, we invite you to contact us today.



Do you think that your bite is “off”?

How your teeth come together is called “occlusion”.  Sometimes your teeth don’t fit properly when your teeth occlude, when you bite, close or chew.  This can lead to:

  • Headaches
  • Jaw pain and stiffness
  • Sensitive teeth
  • Back and neck pain.

Take the Bite Test

We have added T-Scan® Occlusal Analysis System to our practice.  The R-Scan helps us see what’s really happening as the forces of your teeth come together in your mouth.  This allows us to better analyze and adjust your bite to prevent problems.

So, What is Dental Occlusion?

Dental occlusion referes to the way your teeth meet when you bite together.  Optimally, all your teeth should come in contact with one another at about the same time and with equal force.  When this does not happen, your occlusion is unbalanced and problems may result.  Some of the problems that may result from poor occlusion include:

  • Damaged restorations (crowns, bridges)
  • Fractured teeth
  • Receding gums or loose teeth
  • Pain in the teeth, muscles, and jaw joint
  • Nighttime teeth grinding
  • Increased headache and neck pain
  • Greater tooth wear and sensitivity

How can we help to balance your bite?

A simple occlusal exam with the T-Scan system is very easy and painless.  IT gives us the information we need to easily determine and restore the perfect balance of your bite.  You simply bite down on a thin sensor and the software displays the timing of contacts and levels of force in a dynamic movie.  It will show your bite from beginning to end and all that is happening in between.  This will allow us to immediately visualize problem areas before your leave the office that day.

Think you need a bite test?  Ask us!