Dental Implants in Salinas, CA

If you are humiliated by a single missing tooth, several lost teeth, or if you have dentures and feel insecure eating or dread certain situations, then Dental Implants are an option to explore. We provide natural-looking dental implant restorations in Salinas, CA, and the surrounding areas for patients looking to transform their smiles.

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A Proven Dental Implant Solution

Dental implants can significantly improve the appearance of your smile. People throughout Salinas are finding the confidence and security to eat, communicate, smile, and enjoy life after receiving dental implants. Patients from Salinas, Springtown, Spreckels, Bolsa Knolls, Natividad, and other cities in Monterey County schedule with us to restore their smiles to full function.

We specialize in replacing missing teeth with affordable Dental Implants, which serve as a foundation for tooth replacement that appear, feel, and operate like your natural teeth. After receiving dental implants, you will regain your ability to eat almost anything and smile with confidence, realizing that your teeth will look natural and your facial structure will be intact.

Aside from the cosmetic advantages of dental implants, they are also effortless to maintain. Dental implants, like natural teeth, must be brushed and flossed regularly. They don’t need any additional care. Dental implants, like natural teeth, can be routinely cleaned by us, and they do not require any changes or further adjustments, as dentures do.

Your dental implants can last for years if you maintain them properly at home and visit the dentist regularly. The permanence of a dental implant is a very enticing component of this option, as dentures have a maximum lifespan of five to twenty years.

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The Dental Implant Process
In Just Three Steps

Dental implants are conducted by our dentists who have completed extensive training and education. The length of time it takes for you to get dental implants will be determined by a host of factors, including the requirement for preparation and the number of teeth you need to be implanted. Start the journey to dental implants by following the three steps below:

Step 1


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Step 2


We’ll give you the best dental implant treatment and
a plan for future needs – a comprehensive
care plan and clear pricing options.

Step 3


You’ve now got new teeth that
supports a lifetime of health and

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Dental Implant Excellence


Dr. Vazquez believes in listening to her patients and helping them make high quality, informed decisions with regard to their dental health. After graduating from Columbia University School of Dental Medicine in 2005, Dr Vazquez felt the need to give back to her community and provided dentistry and education to vulnerable populations as a National Health Service Corp Scholar. She then moved to San Francisco where she owned and operated a boutique dental practice from 2013-2019 providing cosmetic dentistry.

Dr. Vazquez is a delegate with the American Dental Association and sits on two national committees. She was born in South America and grew up in the Reno-Tahoe area. She earned her B.S. in biochemistry from the University of Nevada, Reno.

Dental Implant Solutions

For a Lifetime of Healthy Smiles

Healthy dental implants patient in Salinas, CA

ONE Dental Implant Team

Before undergoing a sophisticated treatment like dental implants, our Salinas dentist and hygienist understand that patients will have many questions, and we are here for you.

ONE Promise

Dental implants are not just one of the best options to restore missing teeth, but they are also accessible to practically anyone who has lost a tooth. We’ll discuss your tooth replacement goals and answer any concerns you may have to work together to restore your comfort and confidence during your appointment.

ONE Goal

We want you to look and feel your best with your new teeth, in our office and out.

Permanent Dentures

Our dentists can fit a permanent denture at specific locations in your mouth. Rather than placing a single dental implant for each lost tooth, we can now attach entire, implant-supported dentures with four implants on top or bottom. This procedure can give more convenience, stability, and flexibility than standard dentures while avoiding the cost associated with a complete set of dental implants.

It might be intimidating to have a dental implant for the first time. You may be concerned about suffering discomfort and uncertainty as a result of the surgery. Permanent dentures are obtained by a four-step procedure:

  • We ensure your comfort and offer local or general sedation if necessary.
  • We’ll prepare your mouth for dental implants by extracting any existing failing teeth and any sick or contaminated tissue from your jaws and gums.
    The titanium screws are inserted into your jawbone to begin the procedure. We usually insert two implants across the front of your mouth and two in the rear so that the biting force applied to the dentures is distributed equally.
  • Following implant placement, we carefully clean the areas and stitch the wounds. You’ll then be taken to a recovery room to rest and recuperate from your procedure.

Your recovery time after traditional implant-supported dentures can range from three to eight months, but after getting permanent dentures, you should be functioning much sooner because the implants fuse to your bone and give immediate stability to dentures. Here’s what you can expect the recovery to look like starting the day of the procedure:

After the procedure, you’ll need to rest and avoid bending over, lifting heavy objects or performing any strenuous activities that could cause more bleeding and swelling.

If you normally exercise, you’ll need to avoid it for three or four days after surgery. Remember to rest, do pain management with medication prescribed by your dentist and eat soft, easy-to-chew foods. Avoid hard foods, candies or very hot foods, and avoid chewing if you do not have sensation in your tongue yet. Your dentist will likely advise you to consume only liquids or pureed foods for the first few days after your procedure.

We welcome patients from Salinas and surrounding cities and towns.

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