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Same-Day Dental Crowns in Salinas, CA

From covering cavities to fixing cracks in the teeth, dental crowns are used to resolve a variety of dental issues. Due to their efficacy and widespread usage, they are considered the most popular restorative procedure in dentistry.

Dental crowns can preserve your existing teeth to give them a longer life. They help your teeth sustain the damage of time or impact accidents and let you steer clear of tooth extractions or implants.

Their popularity and effectiveness are two of the biggest reasons why getting dental crowns in Salinas is just a call away. To help you understand what the procedure is and how can it help you, here’s a brief overview of the process by NEXT Dentistry.

If you are suffering from decayed or damaged teeth, Dr. Veronika Vazquez offers same-day crowns to restore your smile to its full capacity. Using an on-site CAD/CAM machine at our Salinas, CA practice, we can design and create a permanent crown in a single visit so you can go home with a fully functional bite. Our team values your time and strives to provide treatment that is both efficient and high-quality.

Dental crowns are one of many options available to restore damaged teeth. While dental implants and dental bridges can replace entire teeth and tooth-colored fillings repair cavities, a dental crown shields an existing tooth by covering the entire visible surface from the gum line up. A dental crown can protect teeth from further damage, strengthen worn teeth and restore teeth after a root canal procedure. A dental crown covers the entire visible portion of a compromised tooth, giving it greater strength and protection from further damage.

Dental crowns are made out of special material that is used to cover your teeth from cavities, cracks, or chipped enamel. The material is sturdy enough to hold your tooth together and cover its damaged parts effectively. Yet, it is comfortable and fixed on your tooth with special cement, so it doesn’t feel out of place. This simplicity is one of the reasons why more and more people turn to NEXT Dentistry to get dental crowns in Salinas.

In order to fit comfortably and provide effective protection, every dental crown must be shaped to the unique contours of the tooth. Traditionally, dentists would take physical impressions of your teeth and send them to off-site labs. There, a dental technician would fabricate the dental crown using these impressions as a guide. However, this process can typically take up to several weeks and require more than one appointment. In the interim, patients have to wear temporary restorations to prevent dental sensitivity.

Today, all impressions for crowns are taken digitally, eliminating the messiness (often referred to as “goop and gag”) of traditional physical impressions. Our advanced in-office CAD/CAM milling machine takes digital impressions of your teeth and creates a digital 3-D model of each tooth that needs repair. The machine can then immediately mill a new dental crown from porcelain. As a bonus, we take all impressions for crowns digitally, eliminating the messiness of traditional physical impressions.

For the most realistic results, we color-match every dental crown to blend seamlessly with your neighboring teeth. Our in-office technology can manufacture a dental crown out of a single block of porcelain.

  • In addition to their convenience, same-day crowns provide a number of benefits, including: More accurate, comfortable fit
  • Digital impressions are precise and highly detailed. As a result, our measurements are more accurate and the resulting fit of the crown is more comfortable and need less adjustment.
  • Metal-free options
  • Metal expands and contracts with fluctuating temperatures, which can undermine the strength of a dental crown restoration. Porcelain, on the other hand, maintains a consistent shape regardless of air temperature.
  • No temporary dental crown
  • By eliminating the waiting period between taking impressions and placing the final crown, Dr. Veronika Vazquez removes the need for ill-fitting, temporary dental crowns that can come loose quickly due to their poor fitting.
  • Natural-looking results
  • The smooth, translucent quality of porcelain mimics the shade and texture of natural enamel on real teeth. This material provides incredibly lifelike results. While both traditional and same-day crowns have a similar lifespan, same-day crowns allow patients to begin enjoying the benefits of that durability much sooner.

“My boyfriend and I both go to NEXT Dentistry and I can not say enough good things about this place. The staff is very friendly and so welcoming. I always get so nervous going to the dentist but they always seem to calm my nerves when I get in the chair. Colleen did an awesome job with my deep cleaning… Brook made sure they looked perfect which I appreciate. I have to have some more work done and I can’t wait to go back. Thank you to all of you at the office.” ~ Crystal G.

After administering a local anesthetic to help keep you comfortable, the dentist will first trim the enamel a bit to make room for the new dental crown. Once a sufficient amount of enamel has been removed to compensate for the thickness of the dental crown, we take digital impressions of the tooth. Our CAD/CAM machine will use these digital scans to design a digital model of the new crown that closely matches your natural tooth. The dentist can then select the right shade of porcelain that matches and blends with your natural teeth.

After the dental crown has been milled, the dentist can place the crown to check its fit. Any adjustments can be made at this time. If no modifications are needed, your dentist can bond the same-day crown in place to reveal your fully functional smile.

Same-day crowns can reduce the length of treatment and provide immediate results. To find out how you can benefit from same-day crowns, contact our office and schedule an appointment. Our team of experienced professionals at NEXT Dentistry in Salinas looks forward to helping you achieve the beautiful, healthy smile you have always wanted.

We welcome patients from Salinas and surrounding areas.

Dental crowns are used in cases where a tooth’s top enamel is damaged, but its roots are still healthy and intact in your gum line. In such cases, dental crowns can fix the damaged part permanently instead of taking the whole tooth out. This process helps you stay away from dental extractions or subsequent implants.

Overall, dental crowns can help extend the life of your natural teeth. Dentists prefer them over procedures that result in artificial teeth.

We can help you with same-day crowns to fix dental emergencies where a damaged or chipped tooth is causing you pain.

As the name suggests, these crowns are fixed on top of your affected tooth the same day you visit your dentist. This way, you don’t have to bear any pain while waiting for your dental crown to get ready.

At NEXT Dentistry, we specialize in providing dental crowns in Salinas. Our extensively trained staff is equipped with fixing dental crowns in a way that keeps you comfortable while resolving your dental issues.

If you’d like to see whether a same-day crown is right for you, we’re here to help!

Whether you are considering getting dental crowns or need to consult with a dentist regarding discomfort issues, don’t hesitate to reach out to us today. We will be glad to discuss your needs and provide a solution that fits your requirements the best.

While we all know the importance of taking care of our teeth, not every one of us follows through with optimal dental health practices. For some, the routine is difficult to practice. For others, it seems complicated to let go of consuming sugary foods and drinks every day.

By the time you realize you need to make a change in your habits, it can be all too late. You already have issues such as toothache, tooth infections, or tooth decay. It seems all hope is lost.

Thankfully, procedures such as tooth crowns could immediately come to your aid in such instances. By turning to same-day crowns or emergency crowns, you can get the help you need to find relief from painful issues. Since the solution is widely available, you can quickly seek advice from a proficient dentist at Next Dentistry in Salinas, CA.

But then comes the issue of taking care of your teeth after you get your tooth crowns. Since you do not want to go down the route of neglecting your dental health again, you want to take each step with the utmost care. Understanding this need, we are here to explain how you can take care of your same-day crowns after your dentist visit.

When Do I Need a Same-Day Crown?

Same-day crowns are often needed in emergencies where you need immediate dental care. Also called emergency crowns for this very reason, you can get these dental crowns from an experienced dentist.

The reasons for needing same-day crowns vary from person to person. From breakage to infections, here are a few reasons why you might need tooth crowns.

  • Infected tooth.
  • Loosened tooth.
  • Toothache.
  • Broken tooth.
  • Chipped tooth.
  • Decaying tooth.

If you have a tooth infection that cannot wait to be cleaned out or a chipped tooth that can turn into a more significant problem, your dentist might recommend that you get emergency crowns after taking care of the immediate issue.

How Do I Care for a Same-Day Crown?

The procedure of getting same-day crowns is quite straightforward and completes within a few minutes. You are free to go home once your dentist places the crown on top of your tooth and performs other measures.

But after you go home with your new crown in place, you wonder what you can do to take care of the crown. Thankfully, the aftercare tips for tooth crowns are quite easy to follow.

  • Your teeth, jaw, or mouth might feel numb for a while. Make sure not to bite your teeth or consume anything too hot or too cold to prevent injuries. You might feel the pain only after the anesthetic has worn off – and it might be bad.
  • Make sure not to grind your teeth. Your teeth would be sensitive, and the crown would need some time to fuse correctly. Doing this might affect the whole process.
  • Take painkillers as prescribed by your dentist. You might feel continued soreness following emergency crowns. Medication prescribed by your dentist would help.

What Can I Eat After a Same-Day Crown?

To care for your same-day crowns, avoid too cold or hot foods for at least a day. Similarly, make sure not to eat foods that have a hard or sticky texture. You should also stay away from anything that requires you to chew too hard for at least a day.

This is especially true if you have had a procedure such as a root canal. It’s prudent to discuss with your dentist on what foods you should eat according to the procedure you have had along with getting tooth crowns.

To make sure you are getting optimal care before, during, and after emergency crowns, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at Next Dentistry today. Through our extensive expertise in dental care, we want to make sure you have the best experience possible from the moment you reach out to us.

Your comfort and healing are our highest priorities, and we ensure to make it known through everything we do at our practice. Our tranquil, luxurious office was designed with our patients’ well being in mind. The facility has been awarded the “Best Dental Office Design” and “Best Integration of Technology in a Dental Office” by the American Dental Association.

Whether you need more information or need to reach out for a dental emergency, feel free to call Next Dentistry today. From dental checkups to same day crowns, we can take care of your most pressing issues under one roof.

Typically, dental crowns may last anywhere from 5 years to 15 years. This duration is dependent upon how you take care of your overall oral and dental hygiene.

This means that unlike tooth whitening or cleaning, you don’t have to get the procedure again and again.

If you have a good hygiene regime for your teeth and take steps to prevent damage to them, then your crowns could easily last well decades. As such, most people who get crowns and take care of their teeth don’t have to get them replaced for a long time.

In addition to providing same day dental crowns, we also offer the following cosmetic dental services in Salinas and the surrounding areas: dental bonding, teeth whitening, porcelain veneers, smile makeovers and gum contouring.

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