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Dr. Veronika Vazquez

We use tooth colored inlays and onlays instead of fillings when the restoration area is so large that a composite filling is not reliable for the long term. Like fillings, inlays fit inside the tooth cusps. Cusps are those cone-shaped prominences that stick up from the tooth at the edges. In the past, inlays were made only of gold and fabricated in a dental laboratory. Dental treatments, techniques, materials, and technology have all advanced so far in the last five years. In our office, using cad-cam technology, your ceramic inlay or onlay is created and finished in the same visit.

Today’s dental inlays can be made of tooth-colored material such as ceramic/porcelain or special dental composite material. Unsightly “fillings” can be replaced with tooth-colored ceramic inlays, which we bond directly to your teeth. This bonding process can improve the strength of the tooth and help seal the inlay to the tooth.

Dental onlays also fit inside your teeth, but they extend onto the chewing surfaces to replace one or more tooth cusps. In the past, onlays were made only of gold. Just as with inlays, over time more patients requested tooth-colored ceramic onlays that matched their other teeth. Making onlays out of ceramic/porcelain allows them to be bonded more easily to your teeth. This bonding process can improve the strength of the tooth and help seal the onlay in place. Your dentist can help you determine if a tooth-colored ceramic inlay or onlay is right for you.

Unlike dental crowns that require removal of tooth enamel to make space for the crown, inlays and onlays bond directly to the teeth without the need for enamel or structure removal. Your dentist can help you determine whether tooth-colored ceramic fillings, dental crowns, inlays or onlays are the best option for your individual tooth condition and needs.

We welcome patients from Salinas and neighboring locations.

In addition to providing inlays & onlays, we also offer the following restorative dental services in Salinas and the surrounding areas: dental bridges, dental fillings, gum disease treatment, root canals and same day dental crowns.

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