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Delwin R. Hemingway, DDS

Here at Next Dentistry, we believe children’s teeth are incredibly important. Dr. Hemingway has 4 small children and many of our staff have kids as well. Primary teeth are not only important for proper nutrition but also to maintain space and assist the proper development of adult teeth. We are happy to see children of all ages and we recommend regular visits every 6 months beginning at age 1, or when primary teeth begin to erupt.

Children typically do very well in our office. Some cases require the care only a specialist can offer. Part of your child’s initial visit includes an assessment to determine the need for specialty care. In the event your child does need specialty care, we have a fantastic pediatric specialist we can refer you to.

One of the most important things you can do for your child is to take care of their teeth. Until children are around age 10-12 they do not have the dexterity to really clean their teeth well on their own and should have parental help with nightly brushing and especially flossing. Additionally, fluoride toothpaste should be used as soon as the child is able to spit out the toothpaste after brushing (usually age 3-4).

What is a Pediatric Dentist?

Caring for your teeth could be a very demanding task. It turns to be even more tedious when you are not only caring for your own dental health, but also that of your children.

As something that is regarded as a tedious chore, dental health is often taken very lightly by children. You, of course, must run after them to have them brush and floss their teeth. You also must employ all the creativity you have whenever the time comes for a regular dental checkup for your child.

Like many adults, almost all children don’t like the thought of going to the dentist, but they actually have a plausible reason to avoid the dentist. Children are afraid of something they have little to no experience of.

And, that is where a pediatric dentist or a kids dentist comes in.

About Your Pediatric Dentist

As someone who specializes in pediatric dentistry, these dental health professionals are highly trained, experienced, and capable of handling issues related to children’s teeth. They are also trained in handling dental anxiety issues that kids may face.

A child’s dental structure is vastly different from adults due to baby teeth and the growth of future adult teeth. As such, a pediatric dentist makes sure that they are approaching dental health issues with future dental events in mind.

What Do Pediatric Dentists Treat?

Pediatric dentists are focused on maintaining basic dental hygiene for children. In addition to this, they also make sure that potential dental problems could be treated right away before they turn into bigger issues.

This means that pediatric dentists can take care of issues such as dental cleaning, identifying needs for braces, and ensuring optimal replacement of baby teeth with adult teeth.

A kids dentist is also trained to have a lively and personable approach towards dentistry. This helps them connect with children easily, which works to minimize and prevent dental phobias and anxiety that kids may develop.

Why Your Child Should See a Dentist

Children need to keep their teeth clean while making sure that they maintain a healthy smile throughout the rest of their life. As such, it is important to assess and identify early issues in dental health and prevent or take care of issues as they occur.

Since pediatric dentistry is focused on optimal dental health for children, it is highly focused on the treatment and prevention of crucial issues. Remember to take your child to their first dentist visit after they reach their 6-month milestone.

Neglecting this recommendation may cause a host of dental issues for them in the future.

Comprised of highly trained and experienced dentists, our team at NEXT Dentistry. ensures that our patients receive the best in dental care regardless of their age. Our specially designed programs for dental anxiety and phobia also make sure that kids could feel safe during their dental visits to our practice.

Whether you want to simply schedule a regular appointment for your child or need emergency pediatric dentist services in Salinas, CA, make sure to reach out to us to take care of you.

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