Looking to Improve Your Confidence? Consider Gum Sculpting

Even if your teeth are in perfect shape, if your gums are not, it can diminish your otherwise perfect smile. Gums that are too low can affect your smile significantly. That, in turn, could have negative effects on your self-confidence and happiness.

But if you are currently experiencing such an issue, know that there is a very simple solution to obtain the smile you want.

Gum sculpting or gum contouring is a solution to reshape your gums. As a popular procedure in cosmetic dentistry, it helps in aesthetically enhancing the quality of your smile.

If you are in Salinas, California, then you can easily take advantage of gum sculpting by contacting a reliable dentist. But before you do that, understand a few key points about this treatment and when you should elect to do it.

What Is the Gum Sculpting Process?

The gum sculpting process is an intricate procedure, which can be conducted simply by an experienced dentist.

It can be used to treat gums that have covered part of your teeth, which can happen due to genetics, health conditions, or medications.

Gum sculpting is especially effective for gums that cover part of your teeth since the treatment can easily remove the excess tissue. This can get rid of the “gummy smile” effect and give you a smile that you can be proud of.

During the procedure, your dentist gives you a local anesthetic to numb part of your mouth. They then use special lasers to remove excess gum tissue from your teeth. Special tools are used afterward to sculpt the rest of your gums, giving you a perfect smile.

The procedure can be conducted within an hour. Your gums should heal within a couple of weeks. Afterward, care for your teeth in a normal way. This ensures that your smile doesn’t come at the cost of prolonged care.

When Should I Consider Gum Sculpting?

You should consider gum sculpting if:

  •       Your teeth are covered with excess gum tissue.
  •       Your teeth are exposed due to your gum tissue being pulled back.
  •       You sense sensitivity in your teeth.
  •       You are not happy with the way your current smile looks.

What Sets Next Dentistry Apart From the Rest?

As an experienced dentist who has been practicing in the field since 1979, Dr. Delwin R. Hemingway, DDS, has the expertise and the proficiency to cater to a host of dental problems.

Specializing in cosmetic and neuromuscular dentistry, Dr. Hemingway and our team of professionals at Next Dentistry could help you get the smile you want.

At Next Dentistry, we understand that every smile is different. As such, each patient at our facility is treated with a personalized approach. From consultation to treatment, we make sure to conduct the process that caters to your needs.

Are you currently looking to obtain that perfect smile without going through extensive procedures? Contact Next Dentistry today. Our team in Salinas, California will be glad to hear from you and answer any questions you may have.


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