Oral Health Problems That Can Be Caused By Smoking

Smoking harms all aspects of our health, including oral health. Learn more about a few of the tooth, gum, and mouth problems that can be caused by smoking.

Plaque Growth
Plaque and tartar buildup increases when you smoke. Plaque and tartar ruins tooth enamel, causing decay.

Healing Speed
Tooth extractions and oral surgeries all require some time to heal afterwards. However, smoking slows the healing process by depleting oxygen in the blood and limiting its flow to the gums.

Teeth Stains
Nicotine and tar are two ingredients common to tobacco. These yellow the teeth and can even discolor them to the point where they look brown. Tar and nicotine can also stain the tongue.

Leukoplakia is gray or white patches that develop on the inside of the mouth because of an irritation (like smoking). These patches are usually harmless, but they have the potential of becoming cancerous.

Periodontal Disease
This gum disease is caused when plaque infects the gums. Smoking increases the risk of getting periodontal disease not only by aiding plaque growth, but by affecting gum cell tissues in a way that inhibits the gums’ ability to fight infections.

Jawbone Loss
Tobacco can cause a loss of bone in the jaw. This can affect the way you chew and speak, and also increases the risk of tooth loss.

Oral Cancer
Oral cancer affects the lips, mouth, and tongue. 80-90% of oral cancer cases are caused by smoking tobacco.

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