TMJ Solution - Permanent Pain Free TMJ Solution

Could you be pain-free forever?

Most TMJ treatment focuses on symptoms and only offers temporary relief from pain. Dr. Hemingway’s mastery of dental skills and desire for finding an everlasting solution for people who suffer from TMJ has led to an advanced method that addresses the source of pain—not just the symptoms. His precise approach utilizes state-of-the-art technology, analysis and progressive treatment to create a proven, permanent solution.

Precision process

The structure of a mouth, jaw, teeth and three-dimensional nature of dentistry and the unique challenges associated with TMJ, demands new thinking to match. Standard ways of treating TMJ do offer some relief, but only for a limited time. Mechanical interventions, ear canal devices, massage, yoga practices and drugs are among the typical methods of relieving pain. Regrettably, all of these approaches merely treat the symptoms and do not progress towards a solution that is stable and enduring. People often choose treatments that deal only with symptoms because they perceive the costs to be lower. What most people don’t realize, is that standard treatments require constant, ongoing expenses, that never end. The cumulative costs are often much more expensive than investing in a longer-lasting solution. The truth is that none of the traditional or alternative ways of approaching TMJ symptoms are as low cost as they might appear—and none of them work as a final solution like Dr. Hemingway’s TMJ method does.


Many people have tried multiple TMJ treatments that don’t eliminate pain—an experience that often results in a feeling of hopelessness and anxiety about costs. They perceive that there is no option that will allow them to live their lives pain-free without constantly paying for temporary relief.

NEXT Dentistry offers an alternative TMJ treatment that goes beyond the endless cycle of coping with symptoms — it’s a solution that’s permanent.

Trust in Dr. Hemingway—900 TMJ treatments

Dr. Hemingway is singularly qualified as the leading TMJ practitioner—having successfully completed over 900 TMJ treatments for his patients. His practice is located in the beautiful central coast region of California. The award-winning office is equipped with state-of-the-art technology for both dental skills and TMJ treatment. His clients are referred by patients who are now living proof that pain-free TMJ is a reality. Professional dentists from throughout the world also recommend Dr. Hemingway for their patients who are seeking a permanent TMJ solution.

Ask yourself…

• Are you experiencing TMJ pain?
• Have you searched online without success to find a better TMJ solution?
• Have you tried multiple TMJ treatments that reduce pain, but found only temporary relief?
• How much money have you already spent treating your TMJ pain?
• Did you know there is a permanent TMJ solution?
• Did you know the NEXT Dentistry TMJ solution offers a money back assurance?
• Are you a doctor or dentist who has a patient who suffers from TMJ pain?

Your search is over

If you answered yes to any of our questions, we’d like to hear from you. We’ll demystify TMJ treatment options. We welcome the opportunity to share with you how our unique and proven TMJ treatment works. We’re confident you’ll discover it is not just a wise investment, it’s a pain-free solution you can live with forever.

Life without pain, assured

NEXT Dentistry and Dr. Hemingway’s approach is specialized and unique—focused on aligning a patient’s jaw structure with advanced computer technology to eliminate migraine headaches, ringing in the ears and other forms of TMJ pain.

Not only is our method unique, we take away the fear of investing in a permanent solution. Our assurance: eliminate a patient’s TMJ pain and suffering to their satisfaction within 90 days (or discontinue treatment and give them their money back).*

*Money back guarantee is for cost of actual TMJ treatment only.

I spent over 20 years searching for relief from my TMJ—until I finally found Dr. Hemingway. Using high tech methods and a proven methodology, he pinpointed my issues and implemented permanent solutions for me. My life has been pain-free since. No drugs, no night splints. He ended my suffering.  —Bob L.