TMJ Treatment Process

Advanced, Proven Treatment Method

Most TMJ treatment focuses on symptoms and only offers temporary relief from pain. Dr. Hemingway’s mastery of dental skills and desire for finding an everlasting solution for people who suffer from TMJ has led to an advanced method that addresses the source of pain—not just the symptoms. His precise approach utilizes state-of-the-art technology, analysis, and progressive treatment to create a proven, permanent solution.

How Dr. Hemingway Treats TMJ — Permanently

Successful diagnosis and treatment of Temporomandibular Disorder (TMD) is routinely accomplished at NEXT Dentistry (over 900 successful treatments to date). We use highly specialized equipment which allows us to determine the extent of existing damage to your Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ), then find and verify the proper alignment or “physiologically aligned” point of your jaw muscles and joint. Once the optimal position of your lower jaw to your upper jaw is determined, a fixed biting surface or jaw aligning appliance is placed as the chewing surface of your lower teeth and worn full time for approximately three months. During this phase of treatment computerized assessment of jaw alignment and minor adjustments will be made.

When the jaws are properly aligned, the joints and muscles will begin to function normally as the body heals itself. When this phase of treatment is successfully completed and your TMD symptoms are resolved to your satisfaction, you and Dr. Hemingway will discuss permanent treatment options—including, but not limited to, orthodontic repositioning and/or rehabilitation/reconstruction of your teeth so that your TMJ is in the “physiologically aligned” position when your teeth function together.

Watch three successive videos of one of Dr. Heminway’s patients suffering from TMD — an initial interview, 6 weeks into treatment, and after 90 days of treatment:
Read more and watch detailed videos about how TMJ is diagnosed and treated: