Dr. Veronika Vazquez and our dental team always welcome referrals to our office. We are pleased that you have chosen NEXT Dentistry as a resource for your patients. We are committed to treating each patient, including referrals, with the highest possible level of care. We give every patient individualized attention to meet all of their needs and goals for a healthier, more beautiful smile. No matter your patient’s condition, we are here to make certain they receive the care they need.

Please fill out the referral cards below to refer a patient to our dentist in Salinas, California. Choose the referral card that best matches your patient’s needs – a radiographic survey referral or a referral for a preliminary evaluation for head, neck, and facial pain. We have included a map of our office location as well to help you and your patients more easily find us. If you have any questions or need to discuss matters further with our team, please feel free to contact us today.

Next Dentistry Preliminary Evaluation & Referral

Next Dentistry Radiographic Referral

Mission Statement

At NEXT Dentistry our mission is to provide each individual a pathway to optimal health. Together we can help you sleep better, feel better, look better and live better.  You’ll love the difference!