Success Story – Juana Martinez

I have been a patient of Dr. Hemingway’s for over 20 years. We had often talked about closing the spaces between my teeth. Dr. Hemingway was worried that if we just closed spaces the teeth would look short and fat. A few years ago, Dr. Hemingway began taking extensive training in cosmetic dentistry. He was excited the day he told me that he now knew how to close my spaces and make my teeth beautiful and natural looking. He made a computer simulation of a new smile for me. I was excited if he could really do that for my smile. He assured me that he could. I had the treatment done and I totally love my new beautiful smile. I am comfortable, can eat whatever I want and I smile all the time.

Using dental porcelain veneers we were able to accomplish many things: cosmetic gum lift, lengthened upper and lower teeth, closed spaces, lightened and rejuvenated all teeth with Empress™ Ceramic Restorations.

Juana Martinez beforejuana-martinez-after



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