Doctors / Professional Endorsements

As a general dentist with a Masters in the Academy of General Dentistry with over 20 years of experience, I regularly perform smile makeovers and full mouth reconstruction. I know when I have met a patient that is beyond my expertise, it’s time to call in someone more experienced and capable of making the impossible, possible. You know you have such an expert when they make make it look easy. Dr Hemingway is such a doctor. His extensive experience and talent is like no other doctor I have witnessed before. I trust Dr. Hemingway because he has made the impossible possible for my patient Bob, who suffered with TMJ for decades and had seen specialists all over the country, none of whom could help him and some of which only exasperated his symptoms. Dr. Hemingway restore Bob’s smile and changed his life. Bob never experienced discomfort and lives a pain-free life with confidence. Referring to Dr. Hemingway, you can feel confident that your patient will not only have the best dental care possible but they will treated like family.
Dr. Yolanda Mangrum