How Braces Could Help You

A lot of adult Americans are intimidated by the thought of braces, but their value can extend far beyond a more appealing smile: It’s easier to clean teeth which are properly aligned. Crooked teeth can affect the bite, speech and overall health. Misaligned teeth can grind on each other, causing cracks or biting of the tongue, especially while sleeping.

Let NEXT Dentistry provide you the orthodontic work that meets your needs.

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Signs it May be Time for Braces

  1. After you brush, floss and swish the mouthwash, do you still have bad breath? Food bits (and worse) can get caught between teeth, intensifying halitosis.
  2. Having speech problems? Tooth misalignment changes how your teeth and jaws fit together, altering how sound resonates inside the mouth.
  3. Do you have trouble chewing? Are your teeth wearing unevenly or excessively? Extreme tooth wear means you’re more likely to need dentures or implants in the future, maybe the near future.
  4. Do you experience frequent jaw pain? The jaw meets the skull at the temporomandibular joint, TMJ for short. If the teeth don’t align properly, the TMJ can be thrown out of whack; jaw or neck pain, migraines, blurred vision and more can result.
  5. Do your upper and lower teeth meet snugly when you bite down? Are there gaps between teeth? An overbite or underbite isn’t just unpleasant to look at, they can cause a host of problems.


Why Set Up an Orthodontics Appointment with NEXT Dentistry?

Your smile will look better, you’ll feel better about interacting with other people, your confidence and self-image will increase. We can’t say that braces alone will change your life, but they can help you change your life by changing your perception of how you look.

You’ll speak, chew and sleep with less pain; your teeth will last longer; your breath will improve; the chances of bacterial infection — which could threaten more than your teeth and gum tissues — will be significantly reduced.

Call or email NEXT Dentistry, we’ll set up a personal orthodontic consultation in our Salinas, California, office. We’ll give you a thorough exam to assure your mouth is healthy; we’ll photograph and x-ray your face and profile to build an impression of your teeth. Then, we’ll talk options: Some braces need wires or rubber bands, others do not. In place of “railroad tracks”, we have new plastic or ceramic appliances that are all-but-invisible. Let’s discuss and choose the option that’s best for you then walk through the entire realignment process until all your questions are answered.