What are Your Options for TMJ Treatment?

Temporomandibular joint pain, or TMJ pain, is a condition that plagues many people. It is a condition that is always on the mind and frequently needs attention. But those seeking TMJ treatment in Salinas, CA should know that there are options for relief. There are basic steps that can be taken at home and there are even more helpful treatments that can be provided by your dentist. Understanding your options and identifying the best professional to help ease your TMJ pain is crucial to achieving proper relief.


Treating TMJ at Home

Some basic steps can be taken to help alleviate TMJ pain at home. Things to consider for at-home TMJ treatment include:

Diet – Changing up your diet to eliminate foods that can cause TMJ pain to flare-up can be a huge component to at home TMJ treatment. Avoiding overly chewy, crunchy, and sticky foods are paramount to easing TMJ pain.

Facial Massage – Massaging the masseter muscle is another effective home remedy TMJ treatment. Using small, circular motions along the muscle which starts where the jaw meets the cheekbone and runs back towards the ear is ideal to help TMJ pain.

Medication – Over the counter pain relievers are an option to use in conjunction with treatments your Salinas, CA dentist may be providing. Be sure to consult with your dentist and only use medications as needed.

TMJ Treatment at NEXT Dentistry In Salinas, CA

For most, at home remedies are not enough to fully alleviate TMJ pain, and many dentists simply treat pain as it arises instead of working to eliminate it all together. For those in Salinas, CA, Dr. Hemingway at NEXTdentistry has a TMJ treatment that offers permanent pain relief.

Dr. Hemingway starts be determining the full extent of damage to the Temporomandibular joint to map the correct course of treatment. He then plans how to align the jaw muscles and joints physiologically. A jaw aligning appliance is then worn for three months to achieve permanent pain relief.

Next Steps

Once those in the Salinas, CA area are ready to wipe out your TMJ pain entirely, contact the team at NEXTdentistry. We guarantee, we can eliminate your TMJ pain and suffering to your satisfaction within 90 days of treatment, or will discontinue that treatment, and give your money back!

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