When is a Dental Crown Needed?

Everyone needs regular visits to the dentist to keep their smile looking its best. From time to time though, you may need a bit more than a usual checkup. When you’re hit with dental pain, it’s important to schedule a trip to your dentist’s office to determine what steps need to be taken. A dental crown is one of the most common solutions to dental emergencies. Even still, it’s hard to know when exactly a dental crown is needed. Here are six dental problems that warrant a visit to the dentist to get fitted with a crown:


Root Canal

One of the most dreaded dental procedures, a root canal leaves the treated tooth hallowed and vulnerable. This weakened state nearly always requires a dental crown to help strengthen the overall structure of the remaining tooth.

Large Filling

When a cavity is at least half the width of the tooth or more, it’s time for a dental crown. Fillings leave teeth weak, so once they reach a certain size, they become particularly prone to fracture. A crown is the best way to counteract this fragile state of the tooth.

Severe Wear

Some of us grind our teeth, some have an exceptionally acidic diet, and others may suffer from GERD (acid reflux) – all of these conditions slowly wear the teeth down. Over time, this wear can lead to weakening and softening of the teeth or even completely erode the enamel altogether. When teeth reach this state, a dental crown is the only way of properly restoring and preserving the teeth.

Broken Cusps

The cusp of a tooth is the pointy part used for biting and tearing food. Because these parts of the teeth take so much stress, it is crucial they are completely covered and protected. This helps to prevent further damage and potential tooth decay. A dental crown may be necessary if a cusp has been damaged due to trauma or extensive fillings.


Sometimes a dental crown is the answer when we want our teeth to look their best. Stains, gaps, and malformed teeth can leave anyone conscious about their smile. A crown is an easy fix to correct the color, shape, or appearance of your smile.


A dental crown can also help fill gaps, be placed on dental implants, or used to counter cracked tooth syndrome. They are a staple in a dentist’s fight against tooth decay and perfecting smiles.


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