Why Routine Dental Cleanings Are Important

Even though there are numerous repercussions for not regularly cleaning their teeth, over 30% of Americans admit that they never floss. Gum disease and tooth loss may just be the start of your troubles and you may be surprised at how much pain that regular dental exams can actually save you from in the future.


What Are Proper Cleaning Habits?

There are a few habits that you can adopt to help keep your teeth clean and healthy.

  • Use the Right Technique – Grip your toothbrush like a pencil and without applying a lot of pressure, use small, circular motions on each side of each tooth.
  • Floss at Least Once Daily – the inside surfaces of your teeth are exposed to risk of cavities and decay and flossing will help reduce this risk.
  • Consider Teeth Straightening – Teeth that are straight and in proper alignment are easier to floss and more resistant to plaque buildup, as well as more self-cleaning than crooked teeth.
  • Regular Checkups & Cleanings – You should see your dentist regularly in order to get checkups to screen for cavities or disease, as well as to get a regular teeth cleaning to remove plaque buildup in order to protect your teeth and your heart from inflammation and disease.

Signs I May Need a Checkup

People avoid dental checkups for a variety of reasons, but doing so increases the risk of causing more damage to their teeth. Here are several signs that you should schedule a dental checkup with us in Salinas, CA.

  • Toothache – A toothache is a symptom of various dental diseases and means that you should get your teeth looked at by a dentist. Toothaches can involve pain in the mouth or jaw and while they usually indicate a cavity, they can also signal gum disease or be the result of a variety of other causes.
  • Bleeding Gums – If your gums bleed on a regular basis, you should seek a dental checkup as soon as possible. This can be caused by something as simple as brushing too hard or something as serious as gingivitis and a dentist can help to determine the cause and offer the best treatment.
  • Mouth Sores – A dentist can help figure out the cause of canker sores, cold sores, leukoplakia, and candidiasis and offer the best treatment method.
  • Sensitive Teeth –  Sensitive teeth can result in tooth decay, gum disease, worn fillings, fractured teeth, and more and should be addressed.
  • Chronic Bad Breath – A visit to the dentist can help figure out the cause and provide a course of treatment.
  • More Than 6 Months Since Last Visit – Regular visits are important as a dentist can discover the signs of issues or infection before it can spread and provide a professional cleaning between your teeth.

Why Should I Contact NEXT Dentistry?

Dr. Delwin Hemingway is eager to introduce you to the NEXT level of dentistry, right here in Monterey County. We focus on providing dental care that truly enhances our patients’ lives and NEXT Dentistry is truly your ultimate dental destination. Dr. Hemingway won national awards for “Best Dental Office Design” and “Best Integration of Technology in a Dental Office,” confirming that NEXT Dentistry has built the ultimate in dental facilities.

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